Saturday, February 16, 2013

Donation Link for Spooky

Here is the iPhone and iPad Linky for helping our friend Lillian pay for Shorty's vet bills. We are helping her pay for the veterinary bills after SpookyShorty passed away. Her love and support got him 2.5 extra years and we all loved her and him every step of the way. Regular Chip in is on the right. For iPad/iPhone users - this should work :-

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Welcome to the
Grand Valentine's Ball

On your table you will find a box of chocolates to share with your loved one.

Please read through our drinks list and menu then let your furiendly barktender know when you are ready to place an order.


Candy Heart
melted milk chocolate with vanilla biscuits

True Love
raspberry cream with Baileys

Pink Squeeze
sparking strawberry water

Sweet Lovers
vanilla milkshake with Oreo biscuits

Raspberry Fizz
sparkling raspberry juice

one sip will put you in the mood!

Heaven Delight
pureed strawberries mixed with cream

rose and white sparkling


Oysters on Ice
fresh oysters with a trio of sauces 

Shrimp Hearts
served with cocktail sauce 

Scallop Petites
seared scallops on a bed of mozzarella & tomato

turkey & cranberry toasted bites

Pizza Crusty
a small individual pizza on a crusty base

M A I N    D I S H E S

Chef's Best Burger
served with heart-shaped potatoes & crisp green salad

Blackbirdie Pie
served in home made nip pastry shell

with a tangy nip sauce and garlic bread

Rib-Eye Steak
thick & juicy Angus steak

Roast Chicken Duet
especially for couples 

BBQ Sossidges
with creamed potatoes & bacon gravy

Tuna Steaks
drizzled in lemon anchovy butter

D E S S E R T S  /  S W E E T S

Black Forest Cake
decadent and very rich

Coffee Mousse
smooth and creamy

Chocolate Fudge Milk Pudding
served with raspberries & white chocolate shavings

Berry Dessert Cone
filled with jelly, raspberry sponge & whipped cream

French Fried Bread
with strawberries & cream

Dipped Strawberries
fresh sweet strawberries dipped in chocolate

Cupid's Cupcakes
chocolate peanut butter cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

We hope you enjoy your evening

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Professional Photographer

We are excited to announce that a professional photographer will be on hand during the evening to take a photograph of happy couples.

If you would like to take away one of these very romantic pictures at the end of the evening, please let Thomas know @PuppyNumber7. Give him your name and your partner's name, plus a picture of each of you either in your evening wear or natural fur.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Welcome to the Grand Valentine's Ball

Valentine's Day a time for us to enjoy dress up, dance to the best music and enjoy the company of our dearest friends as we waltz around the headiest floors of the world's best ballrooms!

16th February 2013

Please thank our sponsors @WherePetsAreFound who will sponsor our attendees at $1 a piece up to a value of $50. This is generous and amazingly kind.  please follow @PetsAreFound on Twitter as a way of saying thank you and, they are also on the web.

Join us to help our friend Lillian, @SpookyShorty's Mom who struggling to catch up on the vet bills from her fight to keep her boy with her in New York City.  She is still struggling with her grief, as well as hunting for a job to keep the roof over her head. We want to help - we will do it with affection and our pawty and our LOVE.   Our TwtVite is HERE and the official hashtag is #VP2013

Pawty Times :
New York Time 5pm - 11 pm,  Central 4 - 10 pm,  Mountain 3 - 9 pm,  Pacific 2 - 8 pm
GMT 10 p.m  (Sat) - 4 a.m.  (Sunday)
Australia EDT 9 am - 3pm / QLD 8 am 2 pm
NZ 11.00 am - 5 pm (Sunday)

Staff Recruitment :- We will need DJ's, Quizzers and Barktenders for the 6 hour pawty - Contact @Whskr for the full schedule.  Regular and New Staff are welcome (training given on request)  - a quality avatar will be provided for staff by couturier to the Anipal stars @PuppyNumber7.

Pawty Prize Appeal - if you are able to donate a prize to the pawty pleease DM @Whskr We already have some @Danapixie luxury on our agenda and some Whskr chainmaille!